At Santiam Christian Schools we believe that no student should have to leave personal potential at the doors of a Christian school. That’s why our dedicated, certified staff works every day to ensure we deliver academic programs that integrate Biblical worldview with rigor and excellence. From the pre-schooler learning “Handwriting without Tears” to the senior studying AP Calculus, all students are taught with one goal in mind – to help them achieve their full potential in Christ.

Rest assured, from the moment your child enters preschool to the turning of that graduation tassel; at Santiam Christian Schools your student will be nurtured, challenged, and discipled by caring professionals who have your student’s WHOLE being in mind.


With a track record of proven academic success verified through standarized tests, SAT results, and an AP success rate well beyond state and national averages, Santiam Christian scores high.

All grades, K-12, are tested annually on a standardized, nationally normed achievement test. This allows our students to be measured against themselves, their classmates,  and against national norms for students both public and private.

All grades test during the month of April.

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