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Welcome to Santiam Christian

Here at Santiam Christian we want to be very responsible about the way we grow and maintain our student body. That means that, as we look ahead to the 2022-23 school year, we are not making big expansions in our capacity. Many folks have been exploring SC as a quality, Christian option for their students. At this time, we are developing a waiting list. As we complete re-enrollment with our current families, we will have a better idea of exactly how many openings we will have. We are accepting applications for kindergarten, seventh, eighth and ninth grades. If you would like to apply for our list, please feel welcome.

If you’ve already applied, we’ve added you to our list and will be in touch as we have more information about our openings. Thank you for your patience.

Why Santiam Christian?

  • 21 Average
    Class Size
  • 90% SC Graduates Continue to College/University
  • 32 State

Our Stories


OSAA Cup Winner

Of the 36 3A schools in Oregon, Santiam Christian is #1!! The OSAA Cup is coming home!!

The Burns Family

Thankful for SC
We are so thankful, impressed, and grateful that SC adapted and prepared for distance learning right away.

The Fuller Family

Why we attend SC
I have confidence that my kids are going to a place that is safe for their hearts and minds everyday.