Considering Christian Education 

The decision relating to the entering of your son or daughter into Christian education is indeed an important one. Perhaps a couple of questions may give insight and assist you in this decision.

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Our Mission Statement

The primary purpose of Santiam Christian School is to assist parents in the Christian training of their children by providing a Christ-centered academic environment that encourages the development of a Christian world-view emphasizing academic excellence, Christian character, responsible citizenship, and service to others.

What does Santiam Christian have to offer?"

Santiam Christian is committed to high quality academic education in a distinctively Christian setting. Our faculty members are certified, capable educators, as well as committed Christians, who believe that God has uniquely placed them at Santiam Christian in a position of ministry to the body of Christ. We believe the teacher to be the most important ingredient in the classroom. Our classroom style is a conservative, traditional approach where classroom discipline, modest dress, respect for authority, and a genuine desire to learn are characteristics that can be observed.

Beginning at the elementary level we emphasize a program of strong academics. Reading programs are centered around a phonetic approach. The daily curriculum consists of Bible, math, language arts, reading, spelling, physical education, science, and history.

Our requirements for high school graduation fulfill those of the Oregon State Department of Education. Distinctively, at Santiam Christian, a student must take one year of Bible for each year in attendance at SC. A wide variety of electives are available in addition to our core curriculum. These electives include (but are not limited to) art, marketing, drama, foreign language, music, woodshop, agriculture/science labs, and computer labs.

In high school, extra-curricular activities such as drama, choir, band, yearbook, DECA, STEM opportunities, FFA, plus a full range of sports are available. Santiam Christian is a 3A school registered with the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA). We are assigned to the West Valley League. Our emphasis is upon participation and sportsmanship, with an extremely high percentage of our students involved in at least one sport.

"Why should we send our son/daughter to Santiam Christian?"

At Santiam Christian your student will receive a first-rate Christian education. The primary reason for the existence of private Christian education is because of the philosophical differences between public secular education and Christian education. In the Christian framework, all truth is viewed as God's truth; and the Bible, as God's revelation, becomes the foundation for learning, for discipline, for our attitudes, etc. On the other hand, secular education rejects the Bible as absolute and instead substitutes the belief that man is in ultimate control. This reasoning of the natural man is secular humanism.

Through our chapel program and daily Bible classes, each student is challenged to commit his/her life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and to walk in daily discipleship with Him. Students are challenged to a life of service and devotion to Jesus Christ, no matter their vocation or circumstance.

Social relationships are also a vital part of Santiam Christian. Fellowship with other students who are committed to Jesus Christ is very healthy and beneficial. We want our young people to be part of a community that encourages them to resist the temptations and snares of the secular culture around them. Where they are mentored to live in the world, but not of it.

"If my son/daughter enrolls at Santiam Christian, what can I expect?"

You should expect that your child will be challenged to the limits of his/her academic abilities.

You should expect that our disciplines, values, and behavioral expectations will be based upon Christian principles.

You should expect that our teachers and coaches will live and model the Christian lifestyle in front of your students, both on and off our campus.

You should expect that spiritual training will be placed at the highest level of priority and presented to your student on a daily basis, not just in a "Bible Class," but as a part of daily living in all areas (sports, music, etc).

You should expect administrators and teachers that genuinely care about you and your student. We are here because God has called us and we are available to assist you in whatever way we can.

If we can be of further assistance, we are available to sit down with you personally and answer your questions. Please contact the school office at 541-745-5524 to make an appointment.