Senior Pictures

Senior Pictures

Many students choose to have professional pictures taken for their senior year. These are in addition to your student's basic student body picture. The yearbook staff then replaces the traditional student body picture with a professional picture from your private photographer.

Students should submit a senior picture to Josten's by November 30, 2022. These pictures are used in the yearbook and for scholarship opportunities or community recognition. If your student does not submit a photo, their traditional school picture will be used in its place. Please follow the given criteria when you submit a photo at the link below. 


  • Head and shoulders will be displayed
  • No hands, knees, or other objects (no pets or props)
  • No hats or sunglasses
  • Must follow appearance policy requirements (i.e. natural hair color, no off-the-shoulder tops)
  • High resolution, color
  • Clear focus (no "soft focus")
  • Head room: leave at least 1/4" between head and top of picture (or more)
  • Upload your photo at:
  • Enter 0rKNUMGlBIekuShwdZoi2sA for the User ID

Click on Choose Files once you have clicked the Josten’s link: and upload a JPEG of the senior photo.  Please make sure to follow the criteria mentioned towards the beginning of this letter.

Please contact Mrs. Longballa with any questions at:

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