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Student Referral Program

The Santiam Christian Schools Referral Program is to thank SC families for their positive words, influence and facilitating a campus visit on behalf of Santiam Christian. We recognize the value of word-of-mouth marketing and know that the word of a satisfied SC family is worth more than any billboard or radio advertisement.

What is the benefit? 

  • Santiam Christian gives a generous tuition credit for referred students who complete the admissions process, have been accepted by the principal, and become enrolled at SC.
  • Benefit amount:
    • Grades K-12 – Full-day students - $1000
    • Pre K (five day) and half-day Kindergarten students - $300
    • Pre K (two and three day) students - $150

Who qualifies? 

  • NEW students of new families. This does not include younger siblings of current or past students, or students returning to SC.
  • New Students who complete the admissions process, have been accepted by the principal and have enrolled in Santiam Christian.

Who can use this program? 

  • All SC families, employees and grandparents

How to access this credit? 

  • In order for the REFERRING family to receive the credit the NEW family must have included the REFERRING family’s name in the “Referring Family” box on the application AND the REFERRING family must have turned in the Student Referral Form that directs where the credit should be applied.
  • The form asks participants to indicate where the credit should be applied. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, as the referring family can direct the credit several ways.
    • The entire amount can be credited to the referring family’s account.
    • The referring family can split the credit with the new family by indicating the percentage to each family’s account.
    • The referring family can gift the entire credit to the new family’s account.
      • We have been extremely impressed that our SC families most always give at least a portion of their credit to the new family. We realize that this generosity is unique and are blessed that our families desire to share the SC experience, even at their own sacrifice. Thank you.
  • The credit will be applied, per instruction, to the appropriate account by the SC Business Office.

Is there a limit to the number of students a family can refer? 

  • There is NO LIMIT to how many times a family can use the student referral program.

What about students referred mid-year? 

  • Students who are referred mid-year will still qualify for the student referral program, but the credit will be prorated.


Raelyn Riedlinger
Director of Admissions
541-745-5524 ext. 243

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