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Family Service Hours

Families who work together share a bond that only comes through shared focus. At Santiam Christian we ask that every enrolled family share our focus and invest their effort, through our service hour requirement. That makes our Eagle Family stronger and keeps our costs lower. We’re blessed that many families invest well above the 30 hour requirement, but 30 hours is all we ask for.

Working side by side builds bonds between parents and helps students to feel comfort in working alongside adults, as well. It is a win – win – win. Families benefit through relationships. Students benefit through adult interaction and experience. Santiam Christian School benefits by keeping the costs associated with staffing lower and the overall enrichment of our Eagle Family spirit.

It’s just one more way we say, “We are SC!”

Eagle Development Event Opportunities

  • Harvest Celebration (September)
  • Eagles Classic Golf Tournament (September)
  • Eagles Challenge (September)
  • Holiday Market (December)
  • Benefit Auction (April)
  • Concessions for athletic events (Year Round)
  • WATCH D.O.G's (Year Round)

As events become available, an email will be sent with sign-up details. 

How to Record Your Service Hours

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Steve Jagich
Director of Development

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