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The Burns Family / Thankful for SC

“We are so thankful, impressed, and grateful that SC adapted and prepared for distance learning right away.” Said, Erin Burns, mom of two SC elementary students. “Being proactive has set up our children for some normalcy and consistency through the rest of the year.”

While Erin and her family admit to having been challenged during those first few days to find routine, they have settled in. Her little people have accommodated to “turning on” school, turning in their homework online, and even muting themselves as they enter their classes.

“We love that the remote learning environment incorporates similarities like worship time each morning. Our girls get to see their classmates’ faces each day, giving them a calmness, knowing their environment is similar.” Rob and Erin Burns agree that, “Santiam Christian teachers have done a great job of keeping things socially interactive and fulfilling.”