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The Fuller Family / Why we attend SC

When Aaron and Katie Fuller chose Santiam Christian for their kids this last year, “We didn’t know the impact it would have.” Says Katie. “We knew we needed to make a change, but we didn’t really know that Christian school was the answer. We were just looking for a community that met our kids’ academic needs and their heart needs, too.”

It didn’t take very long for their family to relax into the trust that Santiam Christian and its teachers had the same world-view as their family. “We could trust that Santiam Christian was our partner. I have confidence that my kids are going to a place that is safe for their hearts and minds everyday.” Katie shares.

For Aaron and Katie’s high school daughter, Maddie, the Worship Arts class has provided a place to exercise her talents and do something she loves. While speaking Jesus’ name used to bring her criticism and judgement, now she can boldly sing His name while helping to lead worship in chapel. What a change that’s made to her confidence and outlook.

For their son, Luke, junior high has given him lots of opportunities to look up to men that Aaron and Katie feel good about him admiring. The football coaching staff was a special blessing this fall. “The boys loved the encouragement they got from the coaches during ‘Attaways’. They just hung on those positive words.” remembers, Katie.

“My kids talk about their teachers like they’re friends, and I love that those teachers are people that I WANT them to be friends with.” Katie also appreciates how The Word is woven in to the different subjects. It makes a Christian walk more tangible, preparing them to live a life that has Christ woven into all the different aspects of it.

“I’m grateful.” says Katie. “I had no idea how much peace I would have by making this change, but it’s real. My kids are blooming at Santiam Christian Schools.”

Now the Fuller family says, “We are SC!”