Samantha Beam / JH/HS Registrar

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Sami Beam married her college sweetheart and received her Bachelors in Geography. She came to Santiam Christian in 2007. She views her work here as a ministry, as it is an opportunity to use her gifts and abilities to serve the students and the Lord. She appreciates the opportunity to work where her two daughters also attend school.

As a family, the Beams enjoy being in the outdoors together, usually hiking or biking. To relax and unwind Sami enjoys creating things, primarily by sewing and crafting. She likes the process of taking things apart, cutting them up, and putting them back together in a different way that creates something new and beautiful. This is the same type of skill that makes her good at her job – taking apart a complex problem and putting all the details together into something workable.

In her role at Santiam Christian, Sami enjoys the opportunity to advise students during high school so they will be well prepared for that next step in life. As a parent, she values the school coming alongside in the influence of her children.

“Countless times, my kids have shared messages from teachers or chapel that have reiterated what we are trying to teach them at home or what they are learning at church. We appreciate not just the quality academics and instruction, but that the values and beliefs being taught in school do not contradict ours.” ~Sami Beam