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For 45 years, Santiam Christian has been blessed by teachers who enthusiastically enter their classrooms daily, ready to lead their students in prayer and biblical wisdom.  Today, 75+ dedicated faculty members view their role at SC as a calling to partner with parents in guiding the development of their children. 

They make a living and a life on campus, often wearing hats beyond the classroom - as coaches, parents, advisors, and trip leaders.  Academic leadership and teaching delivered by our faculty represent the heart of The Santiam Christian Schools and its mission. The school must, therefore, continue to offer competitive compensation to attract and retain the best Christian educators.

This endowment allows us to raise salaries plus raise stipends for sports coaching, arts, robotics, etc., bringing us closer to local public school compensation.

The Santiam Christian Schools provides the finest preschool, elementary, junior high, and high school experience available, a responsibility that rests on the strength of our faculty. Outstanding teachers immeasurably advance the school’s academic and spiritual reputation. The Teacher Endowment Fund allows all generations shaped by Santiam Christian Schools to honor teachers.  Donors may make a gift in honor or memory of the teachers, staff members, and administrators whose impact lives in their hearts.

Today, the ability to competitively compensate our valued teachers presents a challenge as costs of living are increasing more quickly than tuition can be increased.  Over the past few years, donors have come together with gifts to initiate the Endowment Fund for Teachers, hoping to inspire our entire community to make a difference to the teachers who shaped the lives of our alumni and continue to mold the minds of our future alumni.  We aim to add $2 million to the Teacher Endowment over time, with the annual draw explicitly earmarked to invest in three critical areas for faculty:  compensation, professional development, and eventual retirement. This year, our goal is to add $150,000 to the fund.  

Thanks to a generous donor, we have the ability to match your donations dollar for dollar up to $75,000!  Help us reach our goal and click on the link below to donate!

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