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Support for Santiam Christian Schools has been a core component to the success of the school. Generous donors have provided critical financial resources through the years. Through this support, a wide-variety of opportunities have been made possible for students who attend Santiam Christian Schools including:
  • the implementation of new programs
  • the construction of new facilities
  • the enhancement of existing programs
  • the expansion of financial aid support

Although tuition is the primary source of revenue for Santiam Christian Schools, the practice of stewardship has resulted in the steady and consistent growth of enrollment, programs, and facilities as well as the ability to keep tuition low in comparison to other private schools of similar size and scope of programs. But tuition and good stewardship alone cannot provide funding to cover the full cost of education. Additional funding through gift support is vital. Support from friends, parents, grandparents, alumni, and foundations are important sources of support.

Your gift, regardless of the amount, is an investment. And the return on your investment is measured in the lives of the students who feel the impact of your gift. A gift to Santiam Christian Schools will impact students today and for eternity.

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Thank you for supporting Santiam Christian Schools.

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