Dear Friends of Santiam Christian,

In the eight years I have been at SC I have never written a letter like this to you. Most years I use this space for an update on what has happened recently and where we are headed in the future. However, this time I am writing to ask you for your help.

Simply put, our financial resources have been stretched to the limit in the last several months, mostly due to our scholarship program. Many of our families have experienced unexpected financial strains, causing them to rely more heavily on any available scholarship money the school can provide. As of this writing, we need an additional $94,000 to make up this difference.

It is humbling for me to ask for assistance, but we need you. The history of Santiam Christian is filled with God using people like you to bless us in many ways. Any gifts small or large will enable us to continue to provide aid for families who desperately want to keep their children in our school.

Your gift can make a difference! Please consider giving through these means:  enclosed envelope, drop off at school by December 31 or online at And, as always, pray for God’s provision and that we would lean on Him to meet our needs. I trust that God will bless you and your family this Christmas season as we celebrate the greatest gift of all. 

Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas!

Lance Villers


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