Eagle’s Challenge

Eagle’s Challenge

Eagle's Challenge 2022 | September 27

Our 8th annual Eagle's Challenge is just around the corner!

Our exciting "jog-a-thon" style fundraiser:

Promotes Physical Fitness - Students have a blast racing through a variety of obstacles, including giant inflatables

Cultivates Community - Every SC student participates, preschoolers through high school seniors

Raises Needed Funds - Every dollar raised supports Santiam Christian's mission to partner with parents to provide high-quality Christian Education. This year, funds raised by elementary students will go towards upgrades to our playground and class funds. Jr High/High school students are raising funds for class activities, events such asĀ  Homecoming, Court of Hearts, Leadership Conference, and more.

Students will earn some awesome prizes by collecting pledges from family and friends. You can pledge a student by clicking here or filling out the student's paper form.

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