Christmas Banquet

Christmas Banquet

The Class of 2023 is excited to invite Santiam Christian High School students to the Christmas Banquet Cruise on December 5th in the Santiam Christian Gym! We have put together this FAQ page to answer many of the questions you might have regarding this event, and precautions we are taking in light of COVID. 


January 30, 2021
5pm-7pm and 8pm-10pm (students will select their time preference)
Santiam Christian Gym

Ticket Cost


Ticket Purchases

Tickets will go on sale beginning January 7. Ticket sales will END on January 20.

Click here to purchase tickets for 5 pm seating

Click here to purchase tickets for 8 pm seating

Tickets will be ordered online. When ordering, please be prepared to choose the time you would like to attend, and up to 4 people you would like to be seated with.  Please note the policy for inviting non-SC guests.

Seating Arrangements

Due to COVID, tables will seat no more than 6 people.  Seating assignments will be made as tickets are purchased.  Students will be able to request up to 4 people they would like at their table.  We will do our best to accommodate seating preferences.  

Non-SC Guests

With the limited seating available, we are holding all seats for current SC students through January 13.  After that time, we will release available seats to guests that are on the outside guest list.  Outside guest invitations must follow policy including administrative approval and is extended to high school students through recent graduates up to age 20.

COVID Precautions

Every effort is being taken to ensure the safety of the students at this event.  

  • We will have two separate seating areas at 5pm and 8pm, accommodating no more than 50 people at a time in each area.  
  • Tables will seat no more than 6 to allow for extra distancing.
  • Meals will be pre-plated and served.
  • Masks will be required except when students are seated at their tables, or while they are taking photos.
  • Tables will be completely reset and chairs sterilized between the two seatings.
  • Traffic will be directed to eliminate large gatherings of students.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available.

Dress Code

Christmas Banquet is a semi-formal/formal event.  Men are encouraged to wear dress shirt/tie or suit.  Tuxedos are welcome but not expected.  Ladies’ dresses should adhere to SC dress code guidelines for formal events.  Dresses should be modest and appropriate for the age and occasion.  Some of the things not allowed are plunging necklines, open back below the waistline, bare midriff, slits that go above mid-thigh, and dresses that are not at least mid-thigh in length.


Masks will be required until students are seated, or if they are having photos taken.

What to Expect

We are very excited for the students to have an opportunity to get together, and experience a little bit of “normal” in the midst of the holidays.  They will enjoy getting dressed up, seeing each other, a catered meal and a little entertainment.  The event will last 2 hours.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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