Tuition & Fees

Dear Prospective Family,

For many families, your first visit to our website will include a quick look at our tuition and fees. Based on what you see, many decide that a Christian education is not affordable and don’t go any further in the process.

Even though you realize we have a robust financial aid program, you might not think it will help or applies to your family. You might also be averse to taking aid or asking for help. Rest assured that our program is funded by donations from people who specifically want to help families like yours attend Santiam Christian. God has placed it on their hearts to give to our scholarship program, which they do faithfully and generously.

We want to encourage you to take that next step and contact us about financial aid. We have a history of working with every family on an individual basis so that students from families who share a similar vision with our school may attend here. Our goal is that finances won’t stand in the way of a quality Christian education for your children.

In order to assist us in awarding this aid, we use FACTS, an impartial third-party service. Please take the time to read through the Financial Aid Section to learn more about this process. This process might seem complicated the first time, but our business office can help simplify it and provide guidance every step of the way.

Whatever you do, don’t let finances be a barrier to pursuing an excellent Christian education for your children. Contact us to begin a conversation about attending Santiam Christian.

Al Stefan
Santiam Christian

“Everyone told us that Santiam Christian is like a big family and we just took it with a grain of salt. Then we were surprised to see that it was a true. We feel thankful that it’s OUR family.”

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