Financial Aid

Dear Parents:

This year, SCS will once again be utilizing FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to conduct family financial need analysis for the 2018-19 school year. Santiam Christian has established the scholarship fund for those families who desire to be at SCS, but may require financial assistance. Financial assistance may take the form of tuition scholarship, sport/activity fees scholarship, and/or SCS free & reduced lunch. These requests must be made annually.

Applicants can apply online beginning March 1, 2018, at You will need your 2017 completed tax information to complete your application. Applications may take 2-4 weeks to process, once all required documents have been submitted. An incomplete application cannot be reviewed until all information has been submitted.

Families applying for any of the financial aid programs will need to submit an application and necessary documentation to FACTS by May 15th, 2018 . Once submitted to FACTS, they review and verify the information prior to the school receiving notification that the application has been completed. Priority will be given to those completed applications, with aid notifications being sent out beginning in July.

Applications will be accepted through August 1st, 2018, however families should be prepared to pay all educational costs if their application is not completed by this timeframe. Financial aid applications close on September 15th of each year and depend on the remaining funds available.

If there is a reason you cannot complete the application process by May 15th, 2018, please email me with an explanation and anticipated completion date.

Completed applications submitted prior to May 15th, 2018, will receive aid notification in July. Incomplete applications will NOT be reviewed until completed.

Please note sport/activity fees scholarship and SCS free & reduced lunch require additional forms to be completed and returned to me.

Preschool and ½ time Kindergarten are not eligible for tuition scholarships. All award decisions are made by SCS and not FACTS.


Joanna Haugen
Business Administrator/Controller
Santiam Christian Schools

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