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General Questions

*For Live-Stream Questions, keep scrolling please

When are performances? April 8, 9, and 10 at 7:00PM (Pacific Standard Time)

Will there be a live in-person audience? Sadly no. Oregon Department of Education Covid-19 guidelines do not permit live in-person audiences. However, you can still watch the show live as a live-streaming audience member. 

Is this another radio show? Nope, we are doing a traditional live stage play! Though it will look different with shielded actors and physician distancing, we are confident you will enjoy the show as we move one step closer to bringing traditional theatrical productions to the SC Black Box Theatre.

How do I watch the show? You can live-stream the show from the comforts of home through our On The Stage page or when you buy a live-stream ticket. You can buy your ticket at the following link: 

How much do tickets cost and how do I know which to buy? Individual tickets are $10 and Family tickets are $15. Individual tickets count for 1-2 viewers. Family tickets count for 3 or more. 

What happens after I purchase my ticket(s)? You will receive a confirmation email shortly after purchasing your tickets. You will be notified that you will receive your stream link an hour before the show starts (6:00pm for those on Pacific Standard Time). 

I bought a ticket and am having trouble accessing the show or I don’t have a show link; what do I do? After purchasing your live-stream ticket, you should receive an email after your payment confirmation email  an hour before the show with a link to access the stream page. If you did not receive a second email an hour before the show, please contact Miss Bellinger at and we will resend you your show link. 

Can I make a ticket exchange or refund? Yes, you absolutely may. Please contact Heather Bellinger at for exchanges or refunds. 

How are you following Covid-19 guidelines? 

  • All surfaces (onstage, backstage, and in our green room) will be sanitized before, during, and after performances. 
  • Actors will be wearing face shields when onstage, sanitizing hands before handling props, speaking out to the cameras (aka you, our audience) as much as possible, and will be physically distancing to the best of their ability.
  • Our black box theatre can hold all 13 actors with physical distancing in place. However, please know that sometimes actors will have to briefly break the 6 foot distance. This may happen in order for actors to get to their next place they’re needed onstage, but other actors are in the way. Thank you for your understanding and grace for those moments.
  • Black box theatre and green room doors will be kept open to allow more airflow in the space. You may hear an occasional sound outside of the show, but not many; we’ll keep quiet to the best of our ability.
  • If you have further questions about Covid-19 guidelines and how SC Theatre is following them, please contact Heather Bellinger at


Live-Stream Questions

I have the live-stream up, but my video quality is poor. How can I fix this?

Great question! Even when everything is being successfully live-streamed on our end, how you receive your steam or on what device you watch it on may impact the picture/sound quality you have. Please try the following solutions below; if you are still having trouble, please contact Heather Bellinger at

  1. Refresh the live-stream page
  2. Check your internet connection. Is it on WIFI or Ethernet? How strong is your connection. You can run a speed test at the following link here: 
  3. Change to a different device. You will need to close the stream page on your current device before switching. If your stream link no longer works to pull up the stream on your new device, please contact Heather Bellinger at

The sound on my live-stream is really low. How can I fix this?

Similar to video quality, every device is different and may give a different experience for one viewer vs. another. However, please try the following solutions and reach out to Heather Bellinger at if you have further questions. 

  1. Check your volume on your device and the live-stream page. Turn the volume up if either is down. 
  2. Connect a portable speaker to your device. 
  3. Change to a different device. You will need to close the stream page on your current device before switching. If your stream link no longer works to pull up the stream on your new device, please contact Heather Bellinger at

I would like to watch the live-stream performance on my smart TV. How do I do that?

You can cast the performance from almost any IOS (iPad/iPhone) or Android device to your smart TV. Please check out the following articles for further information before the performance starts (then you have time to get ready). 

IOS Devices: 

Android Devices: 

Have a question on not on this page? No worries! Please contact Heather Bellinger at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Thank you and we’ll see you (virtually) at the show!


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