SC Theatre

It's Murder in the Wings!

By Pat Cook
Directed by Heather Bellinger

Performance Dates: April 8, 9, and 10 at 7:00PM (PST)
Tickets: $10 Individual, $15 for Families
Venue: SC Black Box Theatre; Live-streamed through On The Stage 
Synopsis:  Maddie and her coworkers at The Wings Publishing Company face the party of a lifetime when they discover their boss, Mr. Moon, dead in his office. Chaos is bound to ensue as they try to cover up their discovery, prepare for the party, sign on esteemed playwright, Lionel Upshaw, and fend off everything from the press to needy boyfriends to a flamboyant actress/caterer. Will Maddie and her friends save their jobs, the future of The Wings Publishing Company, and their sanity? Anything is possible with murder, just "don't forget The Wings!"
Murder in the Wings! Temp Poster

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