Course Offering

At the high school level it is our goal to provide a daily integration of the spiritual and academic areas. God and the Truth of His Word are viewed as foundational to all further investigation and study. From this basis we offer a strong core curriculum that meets all the requirements of the Oregon State Department of Education for High School graduation. In addition advanced academic courses are also available for the meeting of all college-prep requirements. Santiam Christian's graduates are fully accepted by the Oregon University System of Higher Education. In addition to the core curriculum, electives in the areas of art, music, business, etc. are also available to allow for specific areas of individual interest.


Old Testament/New Testament Survey(9)(1 sem each)
Sophomore Bible (10) (full year)
2 Elective classes in 11thgrade (1 sem each)
Ethics (12) (1 sem) + 1 Elective Class (12) (1 sem)

11th & 12th Grade Electives:
Choose one of the following:
Christianity in History (1 semester)
Comparative Religions (1 semester)
Intro. to Apologetics (1 semester)
Life Connections (1 semester)
Senior Bible (12) (1 semester)
World Views Through Cinema (1 semester)

Language Arts:

Introduction to Literature (9)
World Literature (10)
American Literature (11)
AP English Language & Composition (11/12)
English Literature (12) (1 sem) and English Composition (12) (1 sem) CN


Algebra 1A/1B
Algebra I
Algebra II
Honors Algebra II
College Algebra CN
Pre-Calculus Honors
AP Statistics
AP Calculus AB


Physical Science
Biology or Honors Biology
Physics CN
Anatomy and Physiology
Beginning Agricultural Science
Intermediate Agricultural Science CN
Advanced Agricultural Science CN
Horticulture Science & Greenhouse Mgmt (1 sem) CN
Animal Science (1 semester) CN
Marine Biology (1 semester)

Career Education:

Career Education (1 semester)

Social Studies:

Global Studies (9)
US History (11)
AP US History (11)
Government/Economics (12) (1 sem. each) or AP Government/Economics (12) (1 sem. each)

Foreign Languages:

Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III
Spanish IV

Amer. Sign Language I
Amer. Sign Language II
Amer. Sign Language III

Computers/Tech Ed.:

Keyboarding/Intro Comp. Apps (1 semester)
MS Office (1 semester) (College Now) CN
Computer Applications (1 semester) CN
Photoshop(1 semester)
Adobe Illustrator (1 semester)

Fine Arts:

A Cappella Choir
Art 1 & Art 2
Beginning Band
Guitar (1 semester)
Advanced Guitar(1 sem)
Select Ensemble
Techniques in Acting(1 sem)
Worship Arts

Other Requirements:

Physical Education:      Team Sports
Weight Training


Ag. Leadership – FFA Officers (8th period)
Cadet Teaching 1 & 2 CN
Farm to Fork (1 semester)
Foods & Nutrition
Leadership (Student Council – 8thperiod class)
Personal Finance (1 semester)
Photography(1 semester)
Speech (1 semester)
Teacher Aide/Office Aide

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