Graduation Requirements

Santiam Christian High School Graduation Requirements

Bible 4
English 4
Mathematics 3
Science 3
Social Studies 3
Career Education .5
Health 1
Physical Education 1
Technology/Fine Arts / Second Language 3
Electives 1.5

.5 credit = 1 semester class,

1 credit = 2 semesters or full year class

For graduation purposes, all required classes must be completed with a passing grade (60% or higher.)

All credits earned to meet 4 year college entrance requirements must be at a “C” level or higher.

Minimum requirements for high school graduation may not be sufficient to meet certain college and/or NCAA athletic eligibility requirements.

SC Specific Classes Required for Graduation

Bible:   4 Credits
Old Testament Survey (1 semester/.5 credit)
New Testament Survey (1 semester/.5 credit)
Sophomore Bible (2 semesters/1 credit)
Ethics (1 semester/.5 credit)
+3 Bible Electives (3 sem. classes required/.5 credit each)

English:   4 Credits
Introduction to Literature (2 semesters/1 credit)
World Literature (2 semesters/1 credit)
American Literature (2 semesters/1 credit)
English Lit. (1 sem./.5 credit)/ English Comp. (1 sem./.5 credit) or AP English Lang. & Comp. (2 semesters/1 credit)

Math:  3 Credits
Math (6 semesters/3 credits)
** Must be earned at Algebra 1 level and above
Algebra II required for College Prep

Science:   3 Credits (to include 2 credits of lab science)
Physical Science (2 semesters/1 credit)
Biology (2 semesters/1 credit)
1 additional year of science (2 semesters/1 credit)

Social Studies:  3 Credits
Global Studies (2 semesters/1 credit)
US History (2 semesters/1 credit) or AP US History (2 semesters/1 credit)
Government (1 semester/.5 credit) or AP Government (1 semester/.5 credit)
Economics (1 semester/.5 credit)

Technology/Fine Arts/Second Language: 3 Credits
Computer/Technology (2 semesters/1 credit REQUIRED)
Fine Arts (2 semesters/1 credit)
Foreign Language (4 semesters required for College Prep/2 credits)

Career Education:   .5 credit
Career Readiness Portfolio

Health:   1 Credit

Physical Education:  1 Credit
PE classes or sports participation (.5 credit/season)

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