High School

Building on the foundations laid in the elementary and junior high programs, Santiam Christian High School provides a strong and sure academic footing for our young adult graduates.  Whether pursuing a college education, a place in the workforce, or service to country through a military option, SC course work and community life equips our students for the next step!

With outstanding faculty and curriculum in every class, excellent core academics, and a generous number of electives to choose from, students at SC are well-prepared for whatever option they choose after high school. Best of all, they are not only equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed at the next level, but also provided with the opportunity to develop a foundation in wisdom and worldview that will serve them well throughout their adult lives.

From the freshman level through AP options, classes and the community at SC provide an integrated approach to student learning that emphasizes both the acquisition of knowledge and skills, and the wisdom and ability to use that understanding well. Biblical principles and intentional character development are woven throughout the academic program and student life activities at SC.  Students are challenged to invest well, to learn much, to pursue excellence, and to live together with respect, compassion, and encouragement for all.

High academic and citizenship standards at SC encourage each student to be good stewards of his or her heart, mind, and whole person, so that we can honor God and live effective lives for Him and for His kingdom.

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