Santiam Christian Elementary combines a warm and caring environment with Christian educators who are dedicated to helping each child succeed.  Our teachers gently guide student learning by using focused instruction along with brain-based research.  The core academic classes in Reading, Language, Math, Science, History and Bible provide a quality foundation.  Small class size gives the opportunity for one-on-one instruction and allows teachers to build lasting relationships with each student.

Enrichment classes offer students a wide variety of hands on activities and experiences.  Science Lab allow students to perform science experiments while music classes allow students to sing, create music, and move to the beat.  4th graders learn to play the ukulele, while 5th and 6th graders have the option of choir or learning to play an instrument in band.  Computer Labs, Art, and PE classes let students explore and learn while having fun.

SC Elementary provides a quality God-centered character education.  Giving our students the foundation to succeed academically, socially and spiritually as they grow and mature throughout their childhood.


Santiam offers both half day and full day Kindergarten options. The goal of Kindergarten is to provide the child with the basic tools necessary for a successful experience in elementary school. The class is centered around a phonetic approach to reading and provides growing experiences in a number of areas such as math, science, computers, music, physical education, and art. Kindergarten students are given opportunities to explore the world around them as they grow in relation to God, teachers, and other classmates.

Elementary Level (Grades 1 – 6)

All students begin with a phonic approach to reading. Our daily curriculum consists of Bible, math, language arts, reading, spelling, science, and history. Additional enrichment courses provided throughout the week include: computers, art, music, physical education, library, as well as corporate worship through a weekly chapel service. A supplemental reading program called Accelerated Reader (AR) is implemented throughout the school. The AR program encourages reading across all grade levels and is incorporated into the student’s reading grade. More specific information is available through the classroom teacher and/or the school library. In emphasizing a program of strong academics, it is our desire to use both methods and curriculum materials that are consistent with our spiritual goals. Textbooks from Math in Focus, IEW, Bob Jones and other publishers are used throughout our program.

Elementary students (K-6) are enrolled on the basis of parents’ desire for their child to attend. Each applicant is individually tested to determine the appropriate academic placement. Minimum ages for enrollment are as follows:

  • Kindergarten entrance — 5th birthday before September 1
  • 1st grade entrance — 6 years old before September 1
  • (Exceptions handled on an individual case basis)

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