Day 1: Give in Prayer

Day 2: Give In-Kind

Day 3: Year-End Giving

Check your mail for our school family Christmas letter. Today is an opportunity to give a year-end gift.  

Day 4: Give in Time

Thank you for giving back to our SCS community.  Today is an opportunity for you and your family to sign up for future volunteer needs here at school.

» Track meet

» Wrestling

» Auction


Day 5:  Give to your Family/Community

Day 6: Give to Technology

We are continuously updating and upgrading our infrastructure and equipment to integrate technology into our classrooms. If you are interested in helping us, today is your day!Gifts given today will go toward faster access points for wifi, Chrombooks, new servers, and other technology equipment.

Day 7: Give Back 

Today is an opportunity to Give Back and support our faculty and staff.

Day 8: Give to Others

Today is an opportunity to make a Christian education possible for others. Consider helping us with our vision of making an education at Santiam Christian accessible to more students? Your gifts will enable additional students to participate in this quality education that provides excellence from a Christian perspective.