Year End Giving

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If you have been paying even a slight bit of attention to what is happening in our nation and world, you know we are experiencing turbulent times. Friendships and even family relationships are being tested and stretched as we wrestle with fundamental differences in philosophies and worldviews.  Increased animosity toward traditional Christian beliefs can leave us feeling helpless and threatened if all we do is look at the world from a human standpoint. 

What we are seeing in our society is not the result of something that happened last year or the year before. It is the result of what was happening in our society 20, 30 and 40 years ago. That is exactly why our founding parents started Santiam Christian Schools (SCS). They saw what was happening in education and society and they wanted to create a school that educated their children from a Christian worldview. A school that would give them the freedom to, “train them up in the way that they should go.”

In order to continue educating our children with that same freedom, we are taking the first steps to remove all federal funding for our school. Any time you are tied to federal dollars you are not truly independent. However, doing so created a $23,000 dollar deficit in our annual budget for programs that we need to fund on an annual basis. We do not have alternative dollars in our budget. We need your help. Your end of year, tax-deductible gift will help us fill this financial gap.

Your donation helps parents establish a solid foundation of biblical truth upon which their children can stand. Together we will raise a generation of young men and women who make good decisions when facing difficult choices because they had Christian character and leadership intertwined in their everyday lives and education. 

Many times in the Bible God used teenagers to intervene and change the course of nations and the world. Daniel and his friends in Babylon, Joseph in Potiphar’s house, and David when he challenged Goliath are just a few examples. All had the courage to do what was right in spite of possible suffering. 

Where did they find the courage to do what was right? In the foundation of their faith. And when tough decisions had to be made, they could respond in ways that honored God.   

We complain about politicians who we believe are corrupt and lawless, media and college professors who seem to be complicit in spreading anti-Christian beliefs, and business leaders who appear greedy and corrupt.  What could be greater than raising a generation like Daniel to replace them who believe in Christ-like leadership that is modeled after Jesus?

At the bottom of this letter is a tear off sheet for you to fill out and we have enclosed an envelope for you to use for your tax-deductible donation. Would you prayerfully consider how to help us financially as we move forward without federal funds? Thank you for your consideration and for your continued partnership as we have the privilege to educate our future generations.


Lance Villers,  Superintendent