Change a Child's LIfe - Scholarship Endowment

Change a Child's Live by Giving to the Scholarship Endowment
This year 30% of SCS families received some form of tuition assistance. One of the goals of the board and administration is for any family who wants their child to have a Santiam Christian Schools Christian education for their child should have that opportunity. The scholarship endowment is a top priority as the fund allows the school to provide scholarship dollars in perpetuity. Will you join us in providing scholarship dollars for families who want the best education for their child? Please consider blessing others by giving and growing this fund.


Ways to give:  Donate online, Contact us, or Mail your gifts to: 

Contact or Mail Gifts:
Santiam Christian Schools
c/o Development
7220 NE Arnold Avenue
‚ÄčAdair Village, OR 97330 

f:  541-745-5524 ext. 244

Thank you for supporting Santiam Christian Schools. 

How You Can Change a Child's Life

Hear one parent's appeal to send any child to Santiam Christian who wants to attend.