Order Your Scrip

Start earning tuition credit by purchasing gift cards from Santiam Christian. We provide you three easy ways to purchase scrip. In a hurry, drop by the Business Office and choose from the selection we carry.

Order Scrip Online

Purchase Scrip-to-Go (available in the High School Business Office)

Reload Your Scrip Cards


What is “Scrip”?

“Scrip” is an easy way to raise money for your own tuition and Santiam Christian.  “Scrip” is what our gift card program is called. We sell gift cards from 100’s of retailers, local and national.

They are sold at face value – use them as gifts or to do your everyday shopping; groceries, gas, eating out, clothes, coffee, home improvements, travel, etc.

How does "Scrip" work?

The gift cards are bought at a discount (1.5 – 25%); we sell them at face value.  The difference is the profit, which goes as a credit to your tuition account and into Santiam Christian’s General Fund.


  • 45% of the profit is credited back to your tuition account
  • 45% of the profit goes to Santiam Christian’s General Fund
  • 10% of the profit is for the management of the program, credit card fees, shipping, and supplies.
  • The best part of “Scrip” is that you put your regular household shopping dollars to work. You earn money for your tuition without spending a single additional penny. Just spend your regular shopping dollars on “Scrip” and use at the participating stores like cash.


You purchase these scrip cards for the week:

  • $150 Fred Meyers, groceries and gas
  • $10 Starbucks
  • $25 Applebee’s
  • $10 Subway
  • $15 iTunes 

You’ve earned $5.20 towards your tuition in one week! Just with your regular shopping!

Having a Birthday Party at Papa’s Pizza? Buy scrip! 

$50 Papa’s Pizza

You’ve earned $5.63 towards your tuition!

Now you have the option of ordering ALL your Scrip Online  

Just follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Go to and click on “Create Account”
  2.  Fill in all required information
    Our Schools Enrollment Code  4L74AC124727
  3. Choose 2 challenge questions and provide answers
  4. Start shopping!

Orders will be emailed directly to your scrip coordinator.

Payment needs to be received anytime before 9:00am on order days for the order to be processed.  Drop payments off in a scrip order box or bring directly to the Business Office.(Don’t forget, we also accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover).

Orders are now processed every Monday (if there is no school on Monday there will be no order for the week), and will be available Friday morning of that same week.  Orders may be picked-up or sent home with your student. 

Santiam Christian Schools
Scrip Coordinator
Michelle Riley (541) 745-5524 x209

Purchase Scrip-To-Go

We carry all these great brands in the Business Office for immediate purchase:

Applebee’s  $25

Bath & Body Works  $10

Bi-Mart  $20

Borders  $10

Coffee Culture $1

Dutch Bros  $10

Fred Meyer  $10, $25, $50, $100

GameStop  $25

Home Depot  $25

iTunes  $15

Jamba Juice  $10

Jamocha Jo’s  $10

Papa’s Pizza  $5

Red Robin  $25

Safeway  $25

Shell  $25

Starbucks  $10

Subway  $10

Target  $25

Walmart  $25

 In a hurry...check out these options, available in 1 business day!

Reload Your Scrip Cards

Create an account with and reload scrip cards purchased from Santiam Christian:

Barnes & Noble

Burger King



Old Navy/Gap




Register your Starbucks Card at and reload it over and over again.  You’ll accumulate Starbuck Rewards with every purchase.

Scrip Now! (Electronic scrip certificates)

Create an account with and purchase Scrip Now! From these retailers:



Container Store

Home Depot



Lands’ End