Student Referral Program
Student Referral / Incentive Program Form 

To take advantage of the student referral program, please download this form and submit it to the Admissions Office at Santiam Christian Schools.

» View Student Referral / Incentive Program Form (PDF)


The purpose of this program is to provide a discount to existing Santiam Christian families and staff for promoting Santiam Christian Schools and encouraging the application for Admission to SC in their churches, Bible studies and workplaces. 

Yes, we are looking for qualified NEW families, but we also care deeply about our current families and how SC is perceived by the community. As we strive to “expand our tents”, please take prayerful consideration to represent Christ and SC well as you share with potential new families.

  1. The Program shall be open to ALL Santiam Christian Schools Families (including Grandparents) and SC employees.
  2. It is the REFERRING FAMILY’S responsibility to be sure that the Prospective Family mentions this program and the Referring Family’s name during their first contact with the Admissions Office (via phone or in person). To insure this occurs, you may choose to accompany and/or assist in making their first contact. REFERRALS CAN NOT BE MADE RETROACTIVELY. 
  3. It is the REFERRING FAMILY’S responsibility to be sure that the Prospective Family verifies the REFERRING FAMILY’S name/phone number on the students(s) application form in the box marked “Referral Verification”. No exceptions will be made to this requirement. 

  4. It is the REFERRING FAMILY’S responsibility to submit a completed Student Referral Form to the Admissions Office. Forms are available at the Elementary, High School, and Admissions Offices or CLICK HERE FOR REFERAL FORM

  5. Referral tuition discount amounts: 

    •  Grades K-12 (full-time/full-tuition) qualify for the full referral discount ($1000/student). 

    •  Pre K (5 day) and ••• day K referrals qualify for a $300 total discount (per student). 

    •  Pre K (2 and 3 day) qualifies for a $150 total discount (per student). 

  6. This offer applies ONLY to NEW family applicants. Younger siblings of current or past Santiam families do not qualify. 

  7. SC Families/employees will receive a tuition discount for each referred student that is accepted, enrolled, and enrollment continues in good standing, into second semester. Half of the discount amount will be credited to your tuition obligation during the second week of school. The second half will be credited at the beginning of second semester. 

  8. There is no limit to the number of students that a SC family may refer. 

  9. The regular enrollment criteria must be met (Application/Testing/Principal Interview). Final decision for student acceptance rests with the building principal. 

  10. Applications received after the start of school will be considered for a prorated referral incentive. 

    QUESTIONS? Call the Admissions Office at 541-745-5524 Ext. 243 or email