Student Activities

Santiam Christian High School offers a wide variety of activities for its students, ranging from drama, to band, to the marketing club DECA. These activities are led by a committed adviser and offer unique opportunities for your child to expand his knowledge and experiences in many different areas. 

Senior High (grades 9-12)

  • FFA – SC is the only private school in Oregon to offer FFA and one of only a few nationwide. This program offers skill development in areas from soil science to public speaking, leadership to floral design, ag construction to tractor safety, and more! FFA provides a wide variety of practical experience, valuable in most any industry.
  • DECA – Business and Marketing competition team. Perform well among 5A & 6A schools at the state level each year.
  • STEM - Campus-wide, weekly newsletter devoted to STEM interests. The SC STEM coordinator provides access information about many different STEM related opportunities in our area.
  • International Missions Trips – Students frequently participate in international mission trips. For example, every other year for the last ten years Santiam Christian has partnered with Students International in the Dominican Republic. This unique opportunity allows students to choose one of many vocational areas (e.g. education, medicine, sports, physical therapy, media) to serve in by working alongside professional Christian mentors. Additionally, other trips to countries all over the world are coordinated by Santiam Christian as the Lord opens opportunities.
  • Yearbook – Student staff learn graphic design techniques, software, publishing, and photographic arts to produce a fantastic yearbook.
  • Drama – Each year Santiam Christian presents two full-scale high school productions and one full-scale junior high production (directed and mentored by high school seniors). All performances are in either our own black box theatre or in a traditional theatre setting.
  • Worship Teams – Student worship/music teams take turns leading worship for weekly chapel.
  • National Honor Society – High achieving scholars, participating in leadership and service.
  • Leadership – Student Council and Class Council. Leadership training and participation in OASC events.
  • Choir & Band – Numerous State Placements. Both choir and band meet during the school day. They compete at the state and regional levels.
  • Rhythm In Blue – Select choral ensemble. RIB performs advanced vocal selections, featuring accompanied, acapella, jazz, and classical music. Meets in the zero hour.
  • Wide variety of elective courses including: Woodworking, Photography, Art, Foods, Ag science courses, Programming, Cadet Teaching, and many more!

Junior High (grades 7-8) 

  • Junior Players Drama – Full scale drama production for seventh-ninth grade students. Production is directed and mentored by high school seniors.
  • STEM – Campus-wide, weekly newsletter devoted to STEM interests. The SC STEM coordinator provides access to information about many different STEM related opportunities in our area
  • Educational Travel to Washington DC – 8th & 9th grade educational travel opportunity. Utilizes respected educational travel services. Offered every other year.
  • Wide variety of elective courses including: Woodworking, Photoshop, Ag Science, Foods, Band, Chorale, Art, and Beginning Guitar.
  • Annual competitive events including: Spelling Bee, Math Olympics, Speech Meet, and Band Festival. Participation with other area ACSI schools.


  • Elementary LEGO Robotics – Robotics club, utilizing the LEGO platform. Special for third – sixth graders
  • Annual competitive events including: SC Track Meet, Spelling Bee, Math Olympics, Speech Meet, and Band Festival. Participation with other area ACSI schools. Enrichment Classes including: Science Lab, Music, Art, PE, and Computer Lab.
  • Band (5th & 6th Grade) –  is the first step in developing a basis for music. Directed by Mrs. Annette Miller, this program has become a great place to explore music and instruments.

Who can participate in Elementary Band?

Elementary band is open to all Santiam 5th graders and to 6th graders who have taken band in 5th grade or can show competence on a band instrument at a 6th grade level. 5th and 6th graders who don’t take band will participate in choir. 6th graders are allowed, with approval, to participate in both band and choir.

How do beginning band students choose instruments?

Each year there is a day in the fall when students can meet with the band teacher and try out the various band instruments. Possible choices are flute, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, baritone/euphonium, and percussion (available on a limited basis, by approval only).  The band teacher will decide which students will play which instruments on the basis of student interest, physical suitability for the instrument, and balance of instruments within the band.

Guitar violin and piano are not band instruments.

What do students need for band?

Band students will need an instrument, an instructional book, a music stand for at-home practices and some performances, and instrument care and cleaning materials. Clarinet and saxophone players will need at least four #2 Vandoren brand reeds and a reed guard.

Where do I find an instrument?

Instruments, books, and cleaning supplies are available to rent or purchase from local music stores, such as Albany Music and Sound, Gracewinds Music in Corvallis, and Willamette Music in Salem. Used instruments can be found in other locations, but parents should be very careful about used instruments and cheap instruments found online. Sometimes the cost to repair an instrument is more than the value of the instrument and cheaply made instruments often need frequent repairs. Parents should check with the band teacher before obtaining instruments for their children.

How often do elementary band students perform?

Performance possibilities are Grandparents’ Day, Christmas Program, Band Festival, and Spring Concert.

What is the cost for band?

In addition to the cost of the instrument, book and cleaning supplies, there is a fee of $25 for band. This will cover band festival registration and 2 pizza outings during the year.

Will students receive grades in band?

Yes, both band and choir students will receive an effort grade (E, S, N, or U).  Band grades will be based on participation, behavior, preparation for class, tests and assignments, practice records, and attendance at performances.

How much are band students expected to practice?

Band students need to practice enough to keep up with the progress of the class. This varies from student to student, but in general each student should be doing several 15 minute practice sessions at home each week. Band students are asked to record their at-home practice on a practice calendar each month.

Can a student begin band as a 6th grader?

Sixth graders who haven’t taken band before will be a year behind the other 6th grade band student who have taken band in 5th grade. Sixth graders who want to start band should enroll in private lessons outside of school and then play for the band teacher periodically until they are sufficiently caught up and have her approval to join band. Until they are ready for band they will participate in choir.